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Education is Powerful

Vicki Klanke RN, CDP.

Nurse Consultant/Educator

Teepa Snow Dementia Trainer Certification 

Certified Dementia Practitioner NCCDP 

Geriatric and Dementia Care

Hands-On Caregiver Training

Community Resources

Evaluation of Skill Set

CE/Non-CE Programs

Train the Trainer


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Professional Summary   

Vicki Klanke has taken pleasure in advocating for people in her forty-three years of experience

as a Registered Nurse.  She promotes health, wellness, and education to be proactive instead of reactive with their healthcare needs.  Endorsing community resources and providing emotional support for individuals, families, and medical professionals are all part of her beliefs. 

Her goals are tailored to educational programs that meet the needs of all participants.

Experiences have led her down a long and winding road.  Starting as a hospital nurse, transitioning to pharmaceutical sales, and working in outpatient clinics at two major hospitals was rewarding.

It was fulfilling to work in her community, providing hands-on home care to patients for seven years.  For the past fifteen years, she has enjoyed her position as a nurse liaison, educator, and marketing specialist for two home care agencies. 

She is excited to share her experiences, knowledge, and recognition that Education is Powerful.


I can acknowledge that Healthful Solutions is a pivotal part of the process in staff development and empowerment.  Vicki brings a wealth of knowledge, passion, and entertainment to the table in educating our field staff. She allows our employees time to retain information and demonstrate understanding.  I believe education is the missing component of quality care.

Kristin Beckholt, MSN, RN, HN-BC,

Director of Nursing, Owner

Vicki's knowledge is impressive, providing interactive teaching with entertaining activities to reinforce information.  She works to develop a team-building spirit among her attendees, providing an atmosphere to participate with questions and concerns.  I recommended Healthful Solutions classes to my clients and had the pleasure of attending courses as a student.

Teresa Freeman, ADC, CPD

Owner and Director of the Dementia Support Team

 I have been working with Vicki in a professional capacity as a web and graphic designer.

Vicki is always displaying a respectful, cooperative attitude and is financially responsible. She is willing to consider different approaches, solutions and ideas. Our collaboration has alway been a great experience. 

Lidia Stawska-Rostock

Owner of ArtRoma Design

Vicki generously donated her time by providing an educational program on zoom to our constituents comprised of 50 older adults and individuals affected by Parkinson’s disease.  She is personable, energetic, informed, and she was able to engage with the audience.


Emily Pipesh, LMSW

Social Worker/Director of Programs

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